Princess Diana’s Unexpected Connection to Meghan Markle

April 7, 2022

Princess Diana Accredited Access takes us for a journey into and through the life of Diana and her legacy. The exhibit also features her sons and their wives; Kate and Meghan. Although Meghan’s primary connection to Diana is through Harry, not many people know that Chicago is actually their very first connection.

Meghan Markle attended Northwestern University from 1999-2003. She missed Diana's influential visit to the university by 2 years. Diana visited Chicago in 1997 to much fanfare and even more fundraising success. Meghan may have missed Diana in Chicago, but luckily didn’t miss her chance to meet Harry. This isn’t where the similarities between Diana and Meghan end though.

  1. Both daughters of divorced parents.
  2. Love giving back with many philanthropic activities.
  3. Both considered by many as Royal rebels. 
  4. Went to an all girls school. 
  5. Tumultuous relationship with the media.
  6. Were only engaged for a year before marriage.
  7. Have a beauty mark above their left lips. 
  8. Share love of cute hats.

Princess Diana had a big impact on Chicago and Chicago had a big impact on Meghan Markle. Chicago continues to love both of them. You can experience some great insider Megan Markle stories with the critically acclaimed experience - Princess Diana Exhibition: Accredited Access. The limited time "walk-thru documentary" is available at the Oakbrook Center until the end of February. If you’re interested in visiting the exhibition you can purchase your tickets at www.princessdianaexhibition.com

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