Princess Diana's Surprising Connection to Michael Jordan

April 7, 2022

In 1996, like a Gale force from the Kingdom across the pond, Princess Diana descended upon the 2nd to none city known as Chicago. She was there on Diana business. For those of you that don't know what "Diana business" is, let me explain. Diana business is the business of making the world a better place and on June 6th, 1996 business was good. 

The Princess of Wales blew the city up to the tune of 1.5 million dollars. Diana was on a 3 day stay in Chai-town to raise money for Northwestern University's Robert H. Lurie Cancer Center. 

On that visit she made a connection to the other most famous person in the world. That's right, you know who, Michael Jordan.  Turns out, the same night Princess Diana was the guest of honor at the Field Museum of Natural History gala, number 23 was entering Game 1 of the NBA finals against the Seattle Supersonics. 

Obviously Michael couldn't attend the gala so his mom, Deloris, showed up in his place. She didn't stay though. It is against the rules of the universe for a mom to miss the NBA finals their son is dominating (even if they had already won 3). Deloris was in and out of the Gala quickly but not before meeting the Princess and giving her autographed merchandise for Harry and Will. What a small world it was in Chicago on that night.

Now, in a city that was dominated by Jordan's Bulls for over a decade the memory of a Princess that stayed 3 days has left a comparable impact. Her presence is being felt by the critically acclaimed experience - Princess Diana Exhibition: Accredited Access. The limited time "walk-thru documentary" is available at the Oakbrook center. The steady procession of visitors is proving that Diana's impact on the windy city was more than just a gust. 

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